Ed Weisberg, Managing Partner


Ed is known for his bold vision and agile leadership pioneering new channels to increase sales, raise awareness, accelerate growth, and expand market penetration.  He is equally at ease in consultative/board advisory roles, or operationally in full or fractional positions of chief operating, marketing, business development, or sales executive. He commands extensive entrepreneurial and enterprise experience to transform under-exploited market opportunities to success. A natural growth hacker and partnership creator, he brings a wealth of prowess unlocking hidden opportunities in untapped and emerging markets, converting targets into prospects. Additionally he is Hubspot Inbound Sales Certified, philosophically and technically skilled at bringing inbound methodologies to sales organizations.

His success has been recognized publicly, gaining recognition for clients as product of the year, business of the year, and innovation of the year.  He was personally recognized as one of the 31 most influential high-tech executives in Rhode Island by the Providence Business Journal. His LinkedIn eCommerce Expertise discussion group and blog writings have hundreds of members and followers. He has grown businesses organically, as well as successfully raised venture and equity investment multiple times leading to positive financial results.

Ed has created over $100 million in worldwide sales value through eCommerce and traditional channel sales. He is skilled at optimizing a holistic combination of social media, SEO, SEM, localized marketing, community building, direct sales, strategic partnerships, and targeted channel development programs to cost-effectively penetrate markets and deliver revenue to metrics and goals.

Ed sits on the board of directors of Worldwide Strategies, Inc., a publicly traded firm focused on mobility technology, and the board of advisors of Sustainable Minds, LLC, a early stage firm providing SaaS solutions for sustainable product design. He is the founder and leader of the eCommerce Expertise Linkedin group.

Ed earned a Masters in Management from MIT Sloan School, and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.

How Ed's Experience Can Help You:

Ed has over 25 years of Marketing, Sales, and Technology Business Development Experience.   His broad range of consulting, corporate, and entrepreneurial experience provides him with a unique capability to tailor services to ensure a successful engagement for marketing program implementation and customer acquisition. 

His career has included formal training in retail merchandising and sales, solid technology implementation experience, healthcare, sustainable products, and proven success with traditional and internet social media marketing.  He takes a holistic approach to merging these skills with the particular capabilities of his client to drive successful results.

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